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Reasons Why You Should Adopt Cloud Computing

When it comes to cloud computing, most of the businesses have one same question, i.e., why adopt cloud computing? Well, such a question is quite common as for some business this is something new. If you are getting confused about whether to adopt cloud computing or not, then this article can help you to come up with a better decision. 

The entire world is now connected with the internet, and it takes only a few seconds to transfer a file to one place to another. With time and various technological developments, this technology evolved, and it is the time of cloud computing. So, what actually cloud computing is, and why adopt cloud computing? Let’s discuss all these things in detail. 

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What is Cloud computing why it’s in demand across the world

Before diving deep into why businesses need cloud services, let’s understand its definition. The cloud means the internet. Talking about traditional computing, here, the users initiate different programs through a server, and that needs to be placed in convenient proximity to the users. Well, cloud computing works on the same concept, but all the processes happen over the cloud. 

Speaking about one of the most amazing benefits of cloud computing, it has brought a massive revolution in the business industry. Some new report even suggests that when it comes to developing, and introducing new services or application, most of the companies choose cloud platform. It witnesses a more than 52 percent increase in the recent years. So, if you adopt cloud computing, you can easily take your business to the next level.

Top benefits of cloud computing

To understand reasons to move to the cloud, you can consider the benefits of this technology. So, here are some amazing benefits of using cloud computing. 

1. Brings useful innovation to the business

It is true that cloud computing is here to offer a perfect platform for development and testing. In this platform, you can utilize various cloud computing technology. For example, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Besides, there is a lot of hybrids services that you can use. Adopt cloud computing, and offers your business a perfect edge to drive various innovative solutions. Besides, you can easily implement the solutions faster. 

2. Lowers the overall expenditure

If you are running a business, you will be dealing with a lot of tasks. The list may include collecting employee details, keeping company data, track sales, payment processing, and more. For this, you may need to hire employees. Well, with cloud computing services, you can manage all these things quite easily.

The best thing about this is that in the future when you expand your business, you can also increase the capacity of the cloud without paying more. For example, AT & T, which recently expands its telecommunication business to the Middle East, utilize cloud computing technology. 

3. Greater flexibility in the process of utilizing resources

One of the major reasons to move to the cloud is that this platform offers all the businesses with amazing flexibility when it comes to scalability. Every company wants to move the data storage to the cloud. Till now, more than 25 to 30 percent of the companies move to this platform.

When your data is in the cloud, all the departments of your company can access the data at the same time without facing any downtime. Besides, here you will pay for the space you are using. Based on your budget, you can choose the space size. This a better option for companies who witness rapid growth much frequently. 

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4. Unlimited probabilities

With cloud computing, you will get to enjoy the benefits of various useful applications. These applications come under various services. These are PaaS- Platform as a service, SaaS- Software as a service, and IaaS- Infrastructure as a service. Apart from this, you can even create a public, hybrid, and private network access. It’s entirely up to you. In cloud computing, the possibilities are highly customizable. So, tailor the services as per your business requirements and enjoy steady growth. This is one of the top reasons to adopt cloud computing. 

5. Performance and support

All the cloud computing service providers promote their services by highlighting their cloud platform’s performance, reliability, and service availability. The services offered by onsite IT infrastructure, and they are quite complicated. So, it will become very complex to manage them. On the other side, cloud platform providers offer explicit services. You will never face any issues regarding migration, host, performance, and more. Furthermore, they provide 24×7 hours of assistance. 

6. Cloud technologies are environment-friendly

By adopting cloud computing, you can lower the carbon footprint of your organization. The reason is there is no need to invest much to acquire heavy equipment consuming more energy. This is quite beneficial for SMEs as they can greatly reduce the cost of their energy utilization. 

7. Better adaptability

Remember that cloud computing can easily adapt to any type of change. That means a company can accommodate more than 15,000 web users during the festive sales instead of only 5000. On the other side, you can move to a hybrid network from a private network. You can even expand your storage capacity for a temporary period. This is a versatile platform that can effectively satisfy your business’s requirements. That’s why businesses need cloud services. 

8. Leads to an easy transformations and mergers

Cloud computing helps in faster business expansion. Any type of business acquisition or mergers that lets the company share services on the cloud will be very useful for a new business. In fact, with the cloud, you will witness a remarkable way to carry out the business. This advanced technology opens up unlimited opportunities and boosts business efficiency. So, it’s time to use cloud computing and enhance your company’s efficiency. 

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9. Maximum security and better data backup

It is true that desktops and laptops are more prone to hacks and breaches. When such an event occurs, it can severely affect your business. Is there any way to keep your essential information secure? Well, there is a perfect solution for this. Cloud storages are safer. The reason is that most cloud service providers, for example, AWS or Microsoft Azure, keep their platform secure. They regularly update the cloud platform with the latest security patches. Besides, when you save data on the cloud, it gets encrypted. 

When it comes to data recovery, it is very simple to recover you lost data from it. Besides, you can also save your data on multiple locations as backups. That’s why cloud computing is good. 

10. Competitive edges

Not every company will prefer to migrate to emerging cloud platforms. Well, at least not for now. But the companies who are now adopting cloud computing enjoying the benefits of using cloud computing. Every year the adoption rate is increasing. So, if you go for cloud solutions, you can easily move one step ahead of your competitors. 

These are some of the top reasons to adopt cloud computing. Now let’s know about types of clouds. 

Different type of cloud that you can choose

  • Public Clouds

Here all the services and infrastructures are available off-site. Such cloud platforms offer better efficiency. But you need to keep one thing in your mind, i.e., they are vulnerable. But it is a perfect option to

  1. develop and examine various application codes. 
  2. use SaaS applications. 
  3. get incremental capacity based on your requirements. 
  4. deal with the development of ad-hoc software with the help of PaaS. 
  • Hybrid Clouds

Companies generally opt for a hybrid cloud platform to enjoy the cost-saving factors. This cloud platform offers better security, flexibility, control, as well as customizations. However, if you are choosing this, then get ready to deal with a higher cost. 

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  • Private Clouds

When it comes to better security and control, you will find the private cloud a perfect option. In general, private clouds are designed and developed for one company. You can go for both offsite and onsite options. 

Cloud Computing Risks 

Well, every technology comes with some type of risk, but with proper precautions, you can lower the risks. Some of the risks related to cloud computing are:

  • Incomplete deletion of data.
  • Broder exposure.
  • Sometime you may face lower control as well as visibility, and more. 

Most of the risks are completely manageable. If you are with well-known cloud service providers, then there is no need to worry about any risk. With time, they are now enhancing their cloud platforms. 

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Final Words

Cloud computing is on the rise, and it will never end. Besides, recent years witnesses a massive increase in the adoption of this technology. On the other side, most of the companies are now migrating from traditional to cloud computing. They are fast, reliable, and easy to access. A study reveals that more than 93 percent of organizations are moving to cloud computing. With such types of advantages, you can take your business to the next level.

So, what are you thinking about? Adopt cloud computing now!

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