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Analyzing the Role and Skills of the Cloud Architect

With the adoption of cloud computing, the for cloud architects is continuously increasing. If you are aspired to become a cloud architect, here we bring a detail discussion on cloud architect job role for you!

The entire world has changed a lot, and modern technology has significantly affected the way a business operates. The technology also brings some unique things to every business, which help them to offer better products and service to their customers. One of such things is Cloud Computing. It has become an integral part of businesses.

The integration of cloud computing is now considered as multidimensional. Without it, a company won’t be able to operate smoothly. But it has seen that some companies face serious issues when it comes to developing, deploying, and managing cloud services. The reason behind this is the complexity of cloud adoption.

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However, the companies have now understood that they require one architectural leader who can help them in cloud computing. That’s the cloud architect demand is now increasing in the market. More and more companies are now hiring experts for the Cloud architect job. If you are a cloud architect and looking for a Cloud architect job, then there is an excellent chance of getting a good job.

But before that, you need to understand the cloud architect roles and responsibilities. We will discuss these in detail in this article. First, let’s know some basics about cloud architect.

Who is a Cloud Architect?

A professional cloud architect is a person who transforms the technical requirements of the project into the architecture. Besides, he/she is the one who will guide the final products using the cloud architect technical skills. Sometimes, these professionals are held responsible for bridging the gaps between a complicated process and solution. They work in a team with developers and DevOps to ensure all the right technologies are being developed.

In simple words, it can be said that they are the one who manages the organization’s cloud computing architecture. The architecture involves everything related to cloud computing — for example, servers, storage, front-end platforms, managing cloud storages, project automation, and more. So, if you are applying for a Cloud architect job, read the cloud architect job description first to understand what the company requires from you.

Understanding the Role of a Cloud Architect

The role of a cloud architect may vary from one organization to another. As the cloud computing market is now evolving, as a cloud architect, you may also need to expand your skills so that you can perform all the task. Talking about the role of the cloud architect roles and responsibilities, these are:

  • Leading effective cultural changes for easy cloud adoption.
  • Developing and managing the company’s cloud architecture.
  • Developing effective cloud strategies and coordinating the process of adaptation.

1. Driving effective cultural changes for easy cloud adoption

In the coming years, cloud services will become a primary option for every business. It has seen that some companies have developed strategies for cloud computing, by they are facing issues in the adoption. The reason behind this is the culture doesn’t want to make cloud services to be the leading factor. But a cloud architect can change such concept and change the culture. The experts don’t directly change the culture; they change the behavior, which later becomes a culture. Cloud architects can influence others toward the adoption of cloud services.

2. Developing and managing the company’s cloud architecture

It is the cloud architect who needs to develop, manage, and co-ordinate the cloud architecture across different areas. These are application development, application lifecycle management, data management, enterprise management, IT hosting, IAM- Identity and Access Management, network, integration, and more. A professional cloud architect should carefully coordinate the architecture alternations to such areas.

3. Developing effective cloud strategies and coordinating the process of adaptation

A cloud strategy doesn’t mean that how effectively a company can integrate cloud services. In detail, the experts need to evaluate the factors or scenarios where the cloud services may not work. The way an expert can carry out this is by creating an effective cloud adoption process. The process involves the following phases:

  • Develop and assess the applications.
  • Choosing a cloud service provider and its services.
  • Determine cloud services and risks.
  • Estimate or evaluate the bill and create governance.
  • Automate cloud services.
  • Operate the cloud environment.

To know the roles and responsibilities related to the job, you can read the cloud architect job description. Make sure you are ready to handle the responsibilities before applying for the cloud architect job.

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Exploring the Skills Required for Cloud Architect Role

The cloud architects communicate with vendors to negotiate third parties for software, hardware, and other cloud services. This is something which is continually evolving, and the job requires someone who has kept themselves updated with the latest technologies and trends.

The cloud architect should have done a cloud architect certification and have all the required technical skills. However, there is one thing that you should always remember. The cloud architects must be a great collaborator so they can connect with other architecture roles.

Besides, strong communication skills, there are other cloud architect technical skills required for Cloud architect job. So, some of the primary skills are:

  • Automation and Orchestration.
  • Application Architecture.
  • Input and Output.
  • Governance.
  • Integration Architecture.
  • Security.
  • Outsourcing Hosting.
  • Delegation Skill.
  • Finance and Legal Experience.
  • Communication and Collaboration.
  • Company and Vertical Experience.
  • Program Leadership.
  • Procurement and vendor management.
  • Leadership thoughts.

Some other cloud architect skills are:

  • Sufficient knowledge about latest operating systems. For example, Ubuntu, Solaris, Linux, UNIX, iOS, and Windows. The reason is different companies use a different OS. So, stay prepared for this.
  • Good knowledge about HTTP, DNS, IP address, and TCP. It will be good for you to get familiar with all these concepts.
  • Computer programming languages. You must have sufficient knowledge about different computer programming and scripting. Go for cloud architect certification to gain understanding about Azure or Amazon Web Services.
  • Security in cloud computing is cloud essential. You must have a high-level understanding of different security concepts.

Overlook of the Cloud Architect Salary

The average cloud architect salary per year is $ 153,784 as per ZipRecruiter. Well, if you have experience in this field, then you can earn around $200, 000 per year. So, obtain as much knowledge as you can. For this, you can go for some professional certifications. For example,

1. AWS Certified Solution Architect

Most of the top companies are now using AWS- Amazon Web Services. By obtaining this certification, you can develop and manage AWS applications and infrastructure. As per the ZipRecruiter salary report, the average salary of AWS Solution Architect is $154,300 per year.

2. Azure Certified Solution Architect

Another major cloud platform is Azure. To increase your chances to get a job and get a higher salary, add this certification into your resume. As per the ZipRecruiter salary report, the average salary of Azure Architect is $143,675 per year.

3. Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect

Google Cloud Architect certification will prove that you can design, plan, and manage cloud solution architecture. Besides, you can also deal with security, compliance, and optimization of cloud architecture. As per Paysa salary report, the average salary of Google Cloud Architect is $220,565 per year.

Some other certifications are:

  • IBM Certified Solution Advisor.
  • VCP- VMware Certified Professional.
  • Google Cloud Platform Cloud Academy.
  • CCP-Certified Cloud Professional.

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Final Words

We have witnessed tremendous growth in the cloud architect demand in recent years. It is expected that it will increase more in the future. So, it’s time to take advantage of this situation and apply for a Cloud architect job now. You will not find any better opportunity elsewhere than in cloud computing.

This is a perfect time to enter into this career path. Just acquire the skills mentioned here, and you are ready to enter into the cloud service industry through Cloud architect job.

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