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AWS Cloud Architect Job Description

AWS Cloud Architect is an expert, or simply a professional with proper training responsible for the evaluation of the needs of an organization and in accordance makes architectural recommendations regarding the execution and usage of the application on AWS. Undoubtedly, the AWS cloud architect is highly demanded these days among the technology houses dealing with cloud computing.

To be specific about the growing demand for AWS cloud architect, this looks obvious as Amazon very much conquers the cloud computing domain. Tough Azure and Google also give tough competition, but AWS indeed is having a bigger share in the market in comparison with all others.

It is here to note that AWS is having more than 47 percent market share in this cloud domain. This is one of the obvious reasons for the AWS cloud architect to be at the peak of demand.    

AWS Solutions Architect Job Description

Being an AWS cloud architect, it is expected from the candidate to possess significant AWS skills. He/she should possess perfect knowledge about the way applications are developed on the AWS platform and how services are provided.   Discussed below is the AWS Cloud Architect job description that details the responsibilities that an architect has to deal with. This AWS Cloud Architect job description can be helpful for everyone interested in developing a career in this field. 

Key Responsibilities of an AWS Cloud Architect

  1. An AWS cloud architect is the main technical associate for the concerned business development team, helping in application development and management of the services over the AWS platform. 
  2. The person is expected to be having a thorough understanding of the way client engagement occurs.
  3. An AWS cloud architect is expected to handle the technical queries, and provide needful help regarding the cloud services.
  4. They should have thorough experience of the DevOps tools.
  5. We should have the knack of figuring out the potential AWS market demands, prospect clients, as well as the emerging demands.
  6. Moreover, an AWS cloud architect is highly expected to be proficient enough about the execution of native Amazon models.

One of the foremost demands of the AWS cloud architect job is that the concerned architect should be able to minimize the span of production.

Modern-day AWS cloud architect job wants that the prospective candidate should be confident about employing automation model through the execution of AWS cloud formation methods.

These are the most likely AWS cloud architect responsibilities one can expect irrespective of the company and the company standard.

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AWS Cloud Architect Salary

AWS cloud architect salary has been one of the frequently searched terms over the search engines among the AWS professionals in modern times. There are many reports one can find in this regard. However, taking the most reliable sources into account, it can be claimed that the average AWS cloud architect salary remains around $165,000 in the US.

It won’t be wrong to claim that handsome AWS cloud architect salary is the prime reason behind so many people getting inclined towards it. However, one may work as a freelancer, as well. AWS cloud architect’s responsibilities for a freelancer may not be as stern. Naturally, the payment structure and amount also differ a bit. It still is quite good.

AWS Cloud Architect Job Role

The primary AWS Cloud Architect job role is that one must be able to develop altogether fresh application architecture through AWS. Also, the architect is expected to provide a needful answer to the infrastructure-related problems of the client. However, the kind of work differs from the operation of the company.

For example, the challenges have to be different if the concerned company deals with or works with mobile applications, and different for the desktops. If it deals with the mobile application, the cloud architect should be adept enough to develop apps first and then to migrate the same over AWS.

In concurrence, it also falls under the concerned AWS Cloud Architect role to address the issues whenever the application is not functioning or responding well. Along with architectural issues, these issues are also expected to be addressed by the architect.

Areas on Which a Prospect AWS Cloud Architect Should Focus

An AWS cloud architect is not necessary to work only with technical tasks. They have to get it thoroughly about exactly what a customer tries to convey. At the same time, they should also provide the most appropriate solution for the same.

An AWS cloud architect is someone who has to work extensively with technology, framework, and the concerned platform. To make things easier for the prospect AWS cloud architects, given below are some of the points on which they can have their focus on or stay prepared about confronting at the workplace. 

  1. Should be well versed with AWS platform and technology to deal with the business issues.
  2. We should know the framework on which the leading companies work to provide a solution.
  3. Should possess clarity about the modules to use for the best level communication.
  4. Must gather knowledge about the modes of scaling up when the demand comes from the client and its maintenance needs.
  5. We should be thoroughly convinced about the security and other kinds of threats associated with the third-party frameworks. 

How does AWS Architect Job Role Differ from an Enterprise Business Architect?

Many people are confused about enterprise business architect and AWS cloud architect. In this context, an enterprise business architect can be defined as someone who has to work with the strategic issues of the concerned enterprise. They primarily provide knowledge about the kind of technical aids essential for working with the architecture.

On the other hand, an AWS Cloud architect is someone who provides technical or technological solutions associated with business operation problems. Through the process, they also have to provide additional specs with the concerned technology whenever the business requires.

It means that handling application architecture and other engineering issues also fall under their responsibilities. An AWS cloud architect is expected to provide a thorough knowledge of the different segments of the used technology. They should be prepared for developing a business architecture for a certain kind of technological solution that the concerned company is eager to deliver.

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AWS Cloud Architect and Corporate Business Processing

An AWS cloud architect has to work in thorough coordination with a team of developers. He has to associate with the developers and strategize about how to provide solutions within a certain budget and time constraints. Most importantly, an AWS cloud architect or solution architect is expected to be visionary enough about developing solutions by the corporate functioning scenario.

They hold the responsibility of ensuring that the fresh solution they come up fits well with the operating system of the available platform, assuring thoroughly regarding data safety. In this context, they have to understand each segment of the business functionality. In general, they frequently have to work by the application architecture of the venture.     

Final Words

Those who are interested in AWS cloud architect jobs are expected to possess at least a master’s degree in Computer Science or Information Technology as the formal education. Those having a master’s degree in any network technologies can also apply. 

Most importantly, the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification is essential to convince the recruiting company that the candidate can work technologically on the given AWS platform.

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