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Introducing the Brand New EasyDeploy!

Amazon Web Services currently dominate the global cloud computing industry. This cloud platform is highly secure, and right now, it has more than 1million enterprise customers from more than 100 countries. Organizations and individuals can use unlimited products and services through this platform, which includes content delivery, database storage, and more. So, if you are planning to shift to the Amazon Web Services platform, then this is the right time for you.

But it includes a lot of processes that can make you quite confusing, and a little error in database migration can affect your business. So, this is where you need the assistance of the AWS consulting service provider. An AWS consultant offers all the necessary services for a smoother migration. The best thing is, a professional AWS consulting partner can integrate multiple AWS services to the client’s existing application with a high level of expertise obtained from experience. 

EasyDeploy- A reliable AWS consultant to trust

When it comes to hiring a professional and dependable AWS consulting services provider, one can trust Easydeploy, a firm that aims at offering world-class services related to cloud computing. The firm is equipped with a team of creative and experienced technologists having their expertise in different ITES services. Most leading companies trust this service provider to develop a secure, cost-effective, and automated cloud infrastructure. Besides, it is a registered AWS consulting partner.

Experience in different fields

  • UNIX

The company has more than nine years of experience in Unix-like OS, for example, Ubuntu, RedHat, Amazon Linux, CentOS, and Debian. The experts can customer the OS to make it extremely secure for the clients. 

  • WEB

Easydeploy, with around ten years of experience in Web, can effectively manage MySQL, Email, DNS, and more. 

  • Cloud

With five years of extensive experience, the experts can easily develop and manage private as well as public cloud infrastructure. While working on it, they always give importance to performance, cost, security, availability, and elasticity. Under this, the tech experts deal with: 

  • Private Cloud: 

The firm has a high-performance private cloud architecture, and to offer maximum visibility, the architecture utilizes ten hypervisors. 

  • Public Cloud: 

Having more than five years of experience in architecting and managing Google Cloud, AWS, IBM Cloud, and Digital Ocean, it has earned a good reputation in the field of cloud migration. 

  • Containers: 

It develops high-performance Docker containers in different cloud platforms and has been doing this for the last five years. 

Services Offered by Easydeploy

  1. AWS Consulting

The firm has received a lot of popularity and reputations by providing business necessary assistance to develop, optimize, manage, and scale different cloud solutions on Amazon Web Services. Industry experts handle all the tasks so that the clients can enjoy a higher ROI on their cloud investment. The experts can deal with:

  • AWS Elastic Compute Cloud.
  • AWS Elasticache.
  • AWS Virtual Private Network.
  • AWS Lambda.
  • AWS RDS, CloudFront, Elastic Container, and DynamoDB.
  • AWS Code Commit, Code Deploy, IAM, CF, Redshift and more.

It facilitates end-to-end consulting services regarding AWS to help clients easily establish a high-performance AWS cloud infrastructure. 

  1. Google Cloud 

The company has been providing practical solutions and services for the companies developing cloud architectures using GCP- Google Cloud Platform. Leverage various GCP services for your business through analytics and automation with Easydeploy. Under this, it covers:

  • Google Cloud VM.
  • GCP VPC.
  • Google Cloud SQL (PostgreSQL, MSSQL, MYSQL and more).
  • GCP Storage, CDN, Kubernetes, Firestore, App Engine, and Cloud Build.
  • GCP IAM and more.

It is well-known for offering established Google Cloud Platform solutions that can take your business to a new height. 

  1. DevOps Consulting

The DevOps, at Easydeploy, leverages tool-chain pipelines, cloud adoption, automation, monitoring, and collaboration. Through its professional DevOps consulting services, the firm helps small as well as big companies to align their cloud operation and development to obtain higher efficiency and faster development of software. The DevOps cover:

  • Ansible setup.
  • Terraform code.
  • Jenkins setup.
  • Docker setup.

They architect solutions for better innovation by considering your business infrastructure foundation. The team has years of experience in using different advanced DevOps tools, Terraform, Packer, Kibana, and more. 

  1. Linux Server Administration

The highly experienced server administrator can squeeze the most performance from Linux servers. To obtain the highest performance and reliability of Linux servers, the team perform the following task:

  • Proactive monitoring.
  • Linux performance tuning.
  • Carrying out all the routine procedures.
  • Managing security services.
  • Regular backups and faster data recovery.

The experts have a sufficient level of knowledge on setting up and administer different services like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and more. 

How does Esaydeploy carry out the tasks?

Working with Easydeploy AWS consulting firm means you are entering into a long-term partnership. To keep up the partnership, the firm offers the perfect combination of features and services. It follows a certain process to complete the project. 

  • Evaluation of the requirements

The firm, before start working with your cloud transformation and management project, first understand your requirements. It also considers the challenges that your company is facing. 

  • Model designing

After analyzing all the aspects and factors, the experts craft an ideal cloud architecture design model. 

  • Manage

The experts using their experience and expertise help you foster the implementation. 

  • Implementation

The team translates the design and implement it to help you in achieving your goal. Besides, they offer all types of supports to make sure the cloud is expanding, meeting with your business’s changing needs and growth. 

Easydeploy AWS consulting services are highly safe and secured

AWS cloud hosting functions in-line along with the business professional to create company websites and applications to handle the services quite efficiently. Easydeploy has highly certified AWS developers who can develop superior, scalable, and highly secured cloud-based applications. 

Besides, the company tends to provide its clients with innovative and advanced solutions. You can enjoy the desired profit by choosing the professional any AWS consulting service offered by Easydeploy. So, what are you waiting for now? Visit the site now and explore more about their services. It’s time to obtain all the benefits of cloud computing with Easydeploy AWS consulting. 

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