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12 Steps to Get Started with AWS Cloud

Many enterprises look in a hurry to adopting cloud transformation. In this context, they are advised to take references from other companies that are already having it. It’s quite understandable that getting started with something absolutely new can be a bit confusing. To make things easier, given below is a handy guide of the simple steps to get started with AWS cloud.    

Simple Steps to Get Started with AWS Cloud     

When you are new to the cloud, you may find it a bit difficult and confusing to get started with the AWS cloud. But if you have a guide with simple and easy steps, then it becomes somewhat easy. As the guide will take you through every detail required to start using AWS for your organization. So, let’s dive deep to go through the 12 steps to get started with the AWS cloud.

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1. Make sure that the leading developer is all set

Those who are eager should not take much of the time to get started with AWS. However, make sure the leading developer is efficient enough to start using AWS through the AWS Console. It is also important to understand the services and go for an EC2 test attempt. For the beginners, the team doesn’t essentially need to be large enough; but they all should be talented to perform the tasks.

2. Setting the direction and addressing other issues

The transition phase is important while adopting AWS. It is crucial to have one reliable leader during the time. At least it is essential to ensure that the direct report of the CIO has to carry forward the process.  At the same time, equal effort must be put towards setting the direction and addressing the issues.

It is also a good idea to ensure that the single-threaded leader to be the meeting point for different modes of changes. Needless is to say that such leaders should be positive enough about the process to get started with AWS.     

3. Setting up the perfect cloud business office

It is important to have the perfect idea of how to set-up a business office. Before getting started with AWS, it is important to sort out the team for the office. Here as explained above, the team should include a CIO, someone a legal head, and lead information security professional.

The mentioned positions are like the most preferred ones. Apart from them, there must be a chief for infrastructure, a delivery lead, as well as an audit leader. To expand the team further, one may have a risk leader as well. So, these positions are quite essential to fill up prior to getting started with AWS.

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4. Make your tenets available

Tenet is basically a principle that is mostly considered to be the utter truth. It is the one that is kept in general by the organization members. Naturally, the common tenets come up with a general structure of reference for everyone. It thus becomes valuable to address the various questions that appear.

When it comes to getting started with AWS, having feedback from a variety of platforms is important. It is good to have a precise but effective list. It would be even better to go through various cloud tenets and pick the best ones among those. Be it about setting a business goal, selecting a public cloud partner, setting security norms, or support; clarity must be there on every aspect. It thus can be a strategic way to get started with AWS.     

5. A strategic approach to address the questions

It is obvious for the team leading upfront to have a variety of questions. While dealing with a large team, it can be tough to deliver an answer to every question. On the other hand, it is also said that the aim should be on how to get started with AWS. It is thus essential to handle things smartly.

Moreover, creating a parking lot for the questions would be a better idea.  The best way would be to have a short briefing session. It is seen on many occasions that the sessions of such actually address many questions itself. A platform where most people can accumulate, and thus, the common questions can be answered should be established.     

6. Setting the cloud engineering team

The first step of how to get started with AWS is always said to have the best cloud engineering team available. Specifically, the team should be efficient and reliable enough to go hands-on with the AWS cloud transition process. The team of engineers mostly comprise security engineers, engineers of applications, engineer handling overall infrastructure, and engineer dealing with operations. 

Above all, there should be a chief architect having massive experience in coding. At the same time, the chief architect should also possess knowledge of how to optimize the usage of AWS services. Moreover, the entire team should work as a single unit.       

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7. Having the best tools to optimize the process

One of the most fundamental steps to start with AWS Cloud is to have the perfect idea about the best tools to have. It becomes easy, after all, to set the best approaches in accordance with the best tools. This makes it easy to decide on which aspects to keep intact from the data center and which ones to reject. To make this executed in an optimized way, it is recommended to have experienced professionals in the team. 

8. Addressing security objectives

One should be ready to afford enough time to ensure that the cloud technical team is efficient enough. This should be done even prior to initiating the steps to start with AWS Cloud. Once these things are set, it should be ensured through the chief architect that the security objectives are thoroughly addressed.

However, there should be another team of decision-makers working from behind the team of external regulatory affairs. While working with AWS, it should be ensured that the practices meet the security objectives by avoiding the common AWS security issues. All these aspects should be sorted prior to jumping towards the real steps to start with AWS Cloud.     

9. Improving productivity, but not pressurizing things

Be it about the cloud or something else; the ultimate aim always remains about increasing productivity. In this context, it is essential to improve the efficiency of the team. At the same time, it should also be ensured that they are not getting pressurized in terms of deadlines. Hence, it is considered a better strategy to fix an MVP or Minimum Viable Product.

Moreover, the team of cloud engineers should be thoroughly focussed. Make sure that they all hold prior experience on how to have proper hands-on with AWS Cloud.  Optimizing the overall process can obviously optimize the final outcome.

10. Ensuring the team is thoroughly certified

It’s not just about the cloud; the success of any endeavor is dependent upon a good team. Moreover, the team should be groomed through effective programs. They should be provided with proper training and should be exposed to proper certification programs. More they get hands-on with AWS Cloud, better can be the outputs.

11. Having perfect plans for maintenance and upgrades

Once the fundamental steps of getting started with AWS is done, it is next important to make things sorted regarding maintenance. At the same time, to explore the power of AWS Cloud to the most, it is important to have set plans for upgrades as well. In this context, the cloud operating office or operating center is suggested to go with Migration Acceleration programs for AWS.

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12. Setting the right policies

The power of AWS Cloud is a secret to none of the enterprise sectors. However, for the most effective outcome, setting thorough policy regulations is equally important. It can be handy in terms of ensuring security and also optimizing things from cost perspectives.

Are You Ready to Get Started with AWS?

The purpose of moving ahead with a proper step-by-step or strategic approach is basically to set up a well-optimized cloud infrastructure. Here a well-optimized cloud infrastructure means the one that would ensure security and address the cost aspects as well. A strategically made approach executed effectively is obvious to deliver better productivity.

So, just follow the above steps and get ahead to set up a well-optimized AWS infrastructure!

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