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Most Popular AWS Services in 2020

Amazon found its roots in 1994, and since then, it has evolved into a worldwide phenomenon. In a period lasting more than two decades, Amazon has come up with retail products branch, retail third-party seller services, and retail subscription services. However, the most revolutionary offering from Amazon has been Amazon Web Services or AWS. AWS services have completely changed the landscape of computing.

The global interest in cloud computing is the primary reason for disruption across various sectors. As a result, AWS has a formidable role in the cloud services industry right now, with over $25 billion in revenue. When you take a look at the AWS services list, the competitiveness of AWS becomes very clear. AWS adds new features to its list every year, and presently, the services span areas like machine learning and robotics.

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Another prominent highlight related to AWS services is the reduction of prices at exponential rates. Estimates indicate that AWS has reduced prices of its services almost 60 times since the launch. Readers should also note that AWS includes customers from more than 190 countries that signify its popularity. Over 2000 government agencies, 5000 educational institutions, and 17,500 nonprofit organizations use top AWS services in demand.

List of Top AWS Services

The interest regarding the most popular services on AWS is aptly reasonable. The following discussion would go through a list of top 10 AWS services accompanied by brief descriptions of each one. The list considers the popularity of the services based on their usage frequency by AWS customers.

  • Amazon S3

Amazon S3 is undoubtedly the foremost entry among in most popular AWS services 2020. Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3) receives considerable popularity because of its functionality in one of the basic cloud computing concerns. Storage and retrieval of data in cloud computing are very crucial, and S3 is the right member for the task.

Users could store, upload, and retrieve large files ranging up to 5 TB from the cloud. S3 is also a reliable entry in the AWS services list due to higher scalability, lower cost, and high speed. S3 is specifically ideal for online backup or archiving application programs and data. Furthermore, S3 also provides effective control over public and private accessibility for data.

  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud or EC2 is the next entry among top AWS services in the market now. EC2 is a computer service and takes away the trouble of purchasing and setting up expensive on-premises servers. Computing capacity is no more a setback, with EC2 being one of the most used AWS services 2020.

It can provide scalability according to the requirements of cloud infrastructure. Furthermore, EC2 is the ideal option for launching virtual servers according to infrastructure requirements. Most important of all, the cost-effective pricing of EC2 makes it one of the popular AWS services.

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  • AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is another prominent mention among the most popular AWS services in 2020. It is a serverless cloud service that helps in running event-driven applications as a service. The applications of AWS Lambda are ideal for the automatic management of computing resources across multiple availability zones.

AWS Lambda reviews the actions within particular applications and involves response to user-defined codes or functions through deployment. AWS Lambda is one of the top AWS services in the market now due to its huge demand. Lambda is ideal for virtually running any application code or backend service without administration overheads.

  • Amazon Glacier

The next most important entry among popular AWS services in 2020 is Amazon Glacier. Amazon Glacier is presently one of the most commended and widely appreciated platforms for cold data storage. It is also easily one of the most crucial services of AWS. It is the perfect alternative for storage along with features of security, data backup, and archival.

The prominent advantage of Glacier is in the facility to store data for the long term. Therefore, Glacier is one of the most used AWS services in 2020 to store data for months, years, or decades. Furthermore, the ease of retrieval and low cost for storing cold data in AWS Glacier also prove its effectiveness.

  • Amazon SNS

Amazon SNS is also one of the top AWS services in demand. It is a web service and stands for Simple Notification Service. As the name implies, SNS is responsible for managing and delivery of messages or notifications to users from cloud platforms.

SNS has two types of clients, such as publishers and subscribers. The publishers are responsible for creating and sending a message to the subscribers through communication channels. Subscribers will receive the notifications from publishers through supported protocols such as HTTP, Amazon SQS, Lambda, etc.

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  • Amazon EBS

Amazon EBS or Elastic Block Store is one of the highly demanded AWS services for storage resources. This AWS service is ideal for storing persistent data, and it serves as block-level storage for using EC2 instances. EBS service is ideal for transferring data from one instance to the other without losing data stored in the EBS.

  • Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront is also one of the most productive AWS services with functionality to find out the speed of your website. You can use CloudFront as a viable alternative for sharing dynamic and static web content like .html, .CSS and image files. This AWS service is the perfect choice for obtaining higher transfer speed and lower latency without compromising developer privileges.

  • Amazon Virtual Private Cloud

The entry of Amazon Virtual Private Cloud should not escape this list. You can find favorable levels of security for your data on the AWS cloud with Amazon VPC. The Virtual Private Network helps in securing data by providing access privileges to authorized people only. As a result, unauthorized or external parties could not access information from your cloud infrastructure.

  • Amazon Kinesis

Amazon Kinesis is one of the formidable strides made by AWS in machine learning. AWS realizes the potential of big data and analytics in the long-term future of mankind. Therefore, Amazon Kinesis is one of the AWS services with an outlook for the future of computing. Kinesis is ideal for the management of big data in real-time. Developers could use Kinesis for taking large volumes of data and running them on EC2 instances.

  • Simple Queue Service (SQS)

The final entry in this list of top 10 AWS services is Amazon SQS. It is the Simple Queue Service (SQS) meant for managing the message queue service. As a result of using SQS, you could transfer data from one application to the other easily without the active state. SQS helps in sending messages between multiple services such as S3, EC2 instances, and DynamoDB. Most important of all, SQS also uses the Java message queue service for delivering information.

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Final Words

On a final note, the services of AWS continue to garner popularity with every passing day. The category of AWS Data services has shown promising growth over the course of one year at 96%. Interestingly, almost one-third of people using internet access websites powered by AWS on a daily basis.

Furthermore, AWS also enjoys a market share of 31% in the IaaS market and has notable clients like Netflix and Reddit. These factors show a very promising trend ahead for services in the AWS landscape. The considerable advantages of cloud computing for a business and the emerging scope for the conjunction between cloud computing and machine learning can always put AWS at the top.    

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