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5 Most Common AWS Migration Mistakes to Avoid

Even if you have an AWS expert to perform the AWS migration, it is not uncommon to come across some AWS migration mistakes. Here we enlist the most common AWS migration mistakes that you need to avoid while migrating your business to the AWS cloud.

Huge migration to the public cloud is varying the modes of architecture, rules of operation, and the ways of governing. This signifies that the fresh attempts are crucial to have control over the growing expense on the cloud. It’s the short term billing cycle of cloud platform that demands proper financial regulation.

Hence, it is essential to enrich the user level to control the financial effect. It is equally important to provide them the tools for cost optimization and better administration. To be specific, the following 5 AWS migration mistakes should be strictly avoided for better results.

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AWS Migration Mistakes You Should Avoid

The cost has been the prime aspect to be strategic about when it comes to operating in the cloud. When it comes about the AWS migration decision, it is essential to analyze things well prior to decision making. Here are the 5 most common AWS migration mistakes that you should know and avoid!

1. Not reaccessing things with the changing business

People commit the biggest AWS migration mistakes by not re-assessing things with changing business. To try with every recommendation of cloud in a manual fashion can be indeed a time-consuming process. No matter how simple the process maybe, but one should not go for adopting a change unless it is required. One must take cost benefits into accounts. It should also assure about performance boost. Trying anything without confirmation can be a huge AWS migration mistake.   

2. Unused reserved capacity on AWS

One must note that optimizing AWS expenses can be better done through the smart reservation. However, it is also true that accuracy is a major factor. This is so as unused reservations are simple ways of losing money in AWS. The number of people committing such AWS migration mistakes is also pretty big.

Things can be even worse upon going to sell an unused RI. This is because AWS makes it free in such instances, which turns front RIs much costlier. The reservations don’t need to be applicable for the bill. One must understand that here the utilization should meet the reservation conditions. As far as purchasing is concerned, it can only be done in one or three years’ variations. Practically, it is simply impossible to make decisions with such precision.

There come instances when out-off-budget cloud bills may make you clueless. One of the major AWS migration mistakes people commit is by mapping applications randomly to the occasions. It is essential rather model those on the whole. It is important to capture the communication and traffic of the network.

Moreover, it should be analyzed before giving any placement recommendations. Missing the all-inclusive cost analysis can lead to shocking pricing scenarios. One must understand that network and data transfer expenses should be taken into account while making loud application planning. It is impossible to have an enduring plan without proper cost analysis.    

To deal with AWS security issues, It is very important to build the right AWS Consulting Practice. Read our previous article on how to build a successful AWS consulting practice for your business.

3. Not having a strong RI strategy 

AWS migration mistakes such as not having a strong RI strategy are pretty common. Buying a RI is a very fundamental stage. There must be a proper method to regulate RI deployment and modify those not used yet consistently. Fundamental AWS billing method is to have a wholesome account with overall billing. Moreover, it needs to be connected with independent accounts. This is to ensure that an individual can buy RIs in their way of using. 

However, when the RIs are bought through personal accounts that can’t be reused, wastage comes in risk. One must ensure that it should be utilized well by the same account. It may not be possible to link the individual accounts with each other. Breaks in prices occurring due to reservation are separated in different accounts or account those are linked with it. 

It is equally important to ensure about how concerned the developers are regarding financial impacts. It may lead to major AWS migration mistakes when someone doesn’t make the developers aware of the effects of financial strategies. Many people already possess accounts. In general, the customers of AWS use accounts as autonomy units. They keep it as a protective line between different environments. However, in most cases, the accounts are not connected with the businesses units. It turns things tough to develop a link between expend and trade strategies.

4. Poor Cost Management

One of the most common AWS cloud migration mistakes is committed by making costs go uncontrolled over early predictions. In most occasions, people strategy keeps overlooking things. It would be a blunder to wait until the end of the monthly billing cycle to understand billing.

It thus gets even tougher to address things further. The best way to avoid the AWS cloud migration mistakes of such is true to be having effective cost management. This is the key to good cost governance. One should also ensure about what extent the end-user is accountable with things.

A major AWS migration mistake that is committed by many is by not having a clear cloud deployment policy. There should also be the clarity in policies regarding usage, expense, etc. In this context, there should be proper autonomy. Keeping the focus intact upon cost management is dependent upon effective cloud governance. This demands effective policies for front-end as well. In such cases, strategies should be made to make the end-users accountable. However, most fail on this matter, which leads to the AWS migration mistake. 

5. Not sharing the responsibility of security with end-users

Cloud migration mistake is obvious to occur when the end-users are not given security responsibility. It would be like inviting the flaws in security deliberately. In this context, it is generally tried to have a centralized team with clarity regarding the boundary-based security structure. However, such strategies don’t work with the cloud platform. Most people commit the major cloud migration mistake by forgetting the AWS functions on mutual responsibility pattern.

A common AWS migration mistake that most people commit is by not having an enduring cloud benefit strategy. Without exploring the budget-friendly ways of operating the cloud, things are obvious to turn messy. In this context, one should do enough research. Not making use of AWS native tools is also a common AWS migration mistake that is often committed. Specifically, people entirely forget about vendor lock, which appears as an AWS mistake during migration. Vendor lock is among the foremost aspects for organizations migration to AWS.

Your AWS cloud migration process should be done to avoid the issues associated with AWS security. To avoid them, first, you need to know about the common AWS Security Issues.

In general, AWS migration mistakes occur due to plethora of sizing options being available. One can also have numerous pricing points. In such occasions, selecting the wrong instance kind can be crucial. The AWS migration mistakes of such type can lead towards considerable performance penalty. To avoid such mistakes, one should select the instance type as per specific needs. Following the general guidelines can be confusing. One should constantly reassess the cost and billing.

Final Words

So, all-in-all, those having native tools specific for application, can indeed bring the same for AWS. But, it is also important to understand that an AWS mistake during migration is committed by not evaluating the AWS tools well. At the same time, equal emphasis should be given on maintaining their tools. Above all, a thoroughly planned AWS strategy can be vital for enjoying long-term cloud gains. Hence, it is better to have futuristic goals.

An AWS Consultant can help you to perform a successful AWS cloud migration. For this, it is important to choose the best AWS consulting partner for your business. In case you want to have assistance in AWS cloud migration, feel free to reach us. We’ll be happy to assist you and be a part of the success of your business!

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