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What are the popular websites hosted in DigitalOcean?

DigitalOcean is one of the biggest hosting platforms out there. They provide cloud services at an affordable rate, which makes them even more popular. However, that doesn’t mean that it is not enterprise ready. Many big websites use Digital Ocean to run their business, which makes ideal for all types of companies out there.

The most significant advantage of using DigitalOcean is the customizability it has to offer. You can get root access to the server that you buy. It supports a wide range of apps, including web apps, AI & Machine Learning, Websites, Hosted Services, and Developer Tools. With so many capabilities, it becomes an excellent choice for big websites. Not only that, there is a massive community behind it that helps it float.

Now that we have established the reasons behind Digital Ocean adoption let’s list the top websites that use DigitalOcean as their service provider.

1. Tweakboxapp.com

It is one of the most popular sites. According to Alexa Rank, it is 643 in global internet engagement. It offers a solution known as TweakBox, which is the jailbreak alternative. We are not advocating their solution or product, but the fact that the website is using DigitalOcean to power themselves.

2. Python.org

Python.org recently changed to DigitalOcean. As you might already know, Python is one of the most popular programming languages out there. That what makes the website reach so many viewers. According to Alexa Rank, it is ranked 913 in global internet engagement.

3. The News Minute

The New Minute is another big website that ranks 1,547 in global internet engagement when it comes to Alexa ranking. The site is a news website, and there are literally thousands of visitors every minute. To sustain the traffic and scale when needed, The News Minute uses DigitalOcean. The News Minute mostly covers India’s news.

4. Yout.com

Yout.com is a video conversion tool that lets you cover the Youtube videos for downloading. It is almost two decades old, and they have also changed to Digital Ocean for their hosting purposes.

5. Y8.com

Y8 is a popular online video game website. Here you can find thousands of game that you can play directly from the browser. There is still a demand for these types of games, and the ranking of Y8.com is the sign of its popularity. According to Alexa ranking, it ranks 1,598, and yes, it uses DigitalOcean to power itself.

6. Sabah.com.tr

Sabha.com.tr is a German website that reports on relevant topics including the economy, last minute, sports and lifeworld. It is ranked globally 1,687 with most of its traffic coming from Turkey. They use DigitalOcean to meet the demands of visitors and keep their services running without any hiccups.

7. Jsfiddle.net

Jsfiddle.net is an online JavaScript, HTML, CSS editor. The editor is mostly used by learners and developers who are into web development. If something needs to be tested or shared, the developer can simply test or share it through Jsfiddle.net. The website runs on top of the DigitalOcean and can scale when needed. It ranks 2,280 worldwide.

8. Scroll.in

Scroll.in is a popular news website that covers Indian News, Sports, Cinema, Politics, and so on. It is ranked globally at 2354, and most of the traffic comes from India.

9. Hipwee.com

Hipwee is an Indonesian website that provides entertainment content to the world. According to Alexa, it is ranked 2,520 worldwide.

10. All-free-download.com

All-free-download.com is a creative platform where a creative person can get access to free art, icons, templates, and so on! It has a vast collection, and its success can be gauged from its rank of 2,553.

Does that mean that DigitalOcean can be used to host big websites?

From the above list of websites, it is clear that DigitalOcean can handle big websites. So, what do you think about the biggest sites running in DigitalOcean?

Comment below and let us know.

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