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What is Terraform
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What is Terraform?

Terraform is one of the very popular Infrastructure as a code tools.

Infrastructure-as-code enables you to provision, maintain and define your cloud infrastructure using code. IaC is nothing but defining your infrastructure using configuration files (code). Rather than manually initiating and maintaining infrastructure, both administrators and developers can instantiate infrastructure using the configuration files. It is one of the products of Hashicorp which is Open-source software. Terraform is a service that is similar to Amazon’s cloud formation and have few advantages over it. Since Terraform code is open source code where its code resides in Github and more than 1200 contributors contributed to terraform code. You can find the official terraform code in GitHub using the following link


Terraform is built using simple language known as HCL( Hashicorp configuration Language ) where we can use simple CLI commands to deploy the resources.It also supports JSON. It provides a consistent workflow for operators to provision infrastructure across Public cloud, Private cloud and external services. The terraform includes following steps while creating resources

  • Write  ( Infrastructure as code )
  • Plan    ( Preview changes before applying )
  • Create ( creating Reproducible infrastructure )

In Terraform the configuration files usually  named with main.tf where you can write the code for your desired infrastructure. You can also declare the variables in the file variables.tf where you can declare your variables those can be latter used in main.tf. Terraform also consists of various modules which can be used in building your codes.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Infrastructure as code is nothing but building the desired infrastructure at once using automation using a collection of codes namely code build. Infrastructure as code (IaC) gives us the greater advantage of scaling up and scaling down the infrastructure at our will in minimal time which is the greatest advantage of IaC . Another Great advantage of IaC  is that once you build the code for your infrastructure you can run it for any number of times to replicate the same architecture. In case of adding the additional features to your infrastructure it is enough to add the corresponding code to your code build and update it thus,  it makes any complex infrastructure with more flexible.              

Advantages of  using Terraform

  • Terraform is a tool for building, Replicating and  modifying the infrastructure safely and more efficiently in minimal time.
  • Terraform is the open source tool which supports a wide variety of cloud vendors tool such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean, Google cloud etc.
  • Since it is the open source code any one can contribute to the code to the terraform.If you are expert in terraform you too can contribute to terraform.
  • Terraform contributors keeps on implementing the additional features to the existing code which meets the requirement of many of the users.
  • With the Reduced cost you can replicate any complex infrastructure within few hours or even in few minutes.
  • Since no human intervention is needed other than building code the possibilities of occurring error is  very negligible.
  • Terraform uses simple commands which are easy to understand

Ex:  terraform init

      terraform refresh

      terraform plan

      terraform  apply


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